Monday, March 3, 2014

The Third Wheel

In the book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid I like how in the beginning how Greg describes the way it felt to be in his mom is stomach. And he described what his parents did when he was in his mom is stomach. Greg's mom had a baby music box. The baby music box comes with a mic and earphones so the baby can hear what they are saying if they have the mic. When Greg's mom would kiss his dad he Greg can hear it because they were so close when they did it.
Later on in the book There was thing called candy grams and a candy gram is where you write a girl or a boys name you want to go to the with. Then you put the heart paper in a basket and if you guys have the same name then you will go to the dance with each other. Any way, so  Greg is trying to go to the dance with a girl, but either every girl already has a date or they just said no.

Close to the end of the book Greg found a date, but her boyfriend said he couldn't go. So then he thought that his girlfriend didn't go so he went and he cheated on her. Turns out she went with Greg. I can't remember the girls name because I don't have the book with me this moment. For more laughter read the Diary of a wimpy kid books

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