Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The book Crash Reminds about Things Not Seen Because how the main character  changes in the story and both of the stories are funny and gives you cliff hangers. This book makes you want to read more and more and more. The chapters I read were kind of messed up because Crash and Mike are bullying Penn as the year goes by. I know this because it says in chapter 14, "I couldn't wait to get my pads on, but first we had business with Penn." You can tell that there gonna bully Penn Because the words the author said in the book Kinda tells you that they were.

 In chapter 20 and 21 Crash and Abby are excited that there grandpa, Scooter,  was coming to there house to live because he's old. They could put him in a retirement home but they decided to take care of him instead. You can tell that Crash and Abby love there grandpa because of the stories he tells. There was this one story that talks about the jungle on the "moonless night or in the back alleys of Hong Kong or in the salt swamp infested with sea crocs." Like I said the Author uses good describing words like Andrew Clements Things Not Seen.

 Right now Crash is playing football and his grandpa is watching him. He scored 3 touchdowns so far. When Crash scores a touchdown Crash's "Friend" Penn knows he did because he's on the cheer leading team and Crash would say "Take that". Now since Mike and Crash started to bully Penn everybody else is starting to do it that could be a suspension notice if everybody keeps doing this. Maybe later on in the book Crash will stick up for Penn his first friend. crash might find a date for the school dance tonight. We will read more and find out what would happen next in the book Crash.


  1. I like how you connected two books in common and I am giving you the Award best Connections with two books.

  2. I hereby grant you the award of longest summary ever. Pat yourself on the back and be happy.