Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dear classmates,

Hello classmates how are you liking Blogger it's pretty cool.
It's cool to blog and kinda talk with your friends. We're gonna have lots of blogs and its funner and easier than writing with pencil and paper. Thank you for reading.

Sylas Lee,

to: Friends and Teachers

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not enough Homework???

Dear Readers,

               I have just finished the article Homework: Too little or Too much? It depends. There are three main ideas to this article. Here they are.

   Last Night's Homework

“The 2012 NAEP survey asked students how much time they had spent on homework yesterday.In all three age groups questioned, more than a fifth had no homework at all.” I would love to go to one of those schools in Pittsburgh because we wouldn’t have as much homework as we currently have now. But it would also affect your learning negatively. That could affect you when you're moving on to middle school or high school. it can affect you because what if you go to middle school and you don’t know what to do because you didn’t have a lot of homework. If you don’t have a lot of homework it can also affect your education in a bad way.  
Friends, Sports, And Work
"...homework not only came in behind socializing. It also trailed exercise or sports and working for pay."I think that Loveless needs to do more investigating then just three surveys. He should also survey other students in pittsburgh.Loveless should also survey middle schoolers, or you can survey kids that just graduated and ask them about this homework issue. Loveless could also ask the teachers and staff at the schools that don’t get a lot of homework.
Differs From School To School
“The amount of homework can differ widely from school to school, though.“I feel like we should have homework in every class,” she said. That would allow for “more learning" and "a better chance to understand things.” I disagree with this girl, because what if you have a baby to take care of. Or what if you have sport activities to do after school. Then you wouldn’t have time to do all of this homework. Especially if your english teacher gives you a 5 paragraph essay. But you can try to work around those things. Like you can take your homework with you to basketball or soccer practice.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Deadly virus spreads from plants to honeybees

Dear readers,
Virus spreading quickly:  “These mites live on bees and travel from bee to bee,thereby spreading the disease.” as it says in the text. I wonder how the mites get on the bees, and how can we stop this problem? I also think that  we don’t stop this problem that we might lose a lot of crops and bees. Also honey. I think that if we can stop this problem in time we will have more crops.
Causes Of Bee Colony Collapse:  “Several other possible causes of bee colony collapse have been identified.” as it says in the text. I think that it would be bad if we start to lose a lot of bees. because we will start to lose food and garden crops. And also we can lose honey. That would also be bad because some people put honey in their tea when their sick.
"Vampire" Parasites Carry New Virus: “Just how big a role the new virus has been playing in the death of colonies is unknown. It would be difficult, Chen said, to separate it from a mix of pathogens and stresses hurting the bees”. As it says in the text. I think that he should be worried if this virus is killing colonies. They need to figure out a way to stop this virus before it gets bad. Well it already is bad! Really bad.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The book Crash Reminds about Things Not Seen Because how the main character  changes in the story and both of the stories are funny and gives you cliff hangers. This book makes you want to read more and more and more. The chapters I read were kind of messed up because Crash and Mike are bullying Penn as the year goes by. I know this because it says in chapter 14, "I couldn't wait to get my pads on, but first we had business with Penn." You can tell that there gonna bully Penn Because the words the author said in the book Kinda tells you that they were.

 In chapter 20 and 21 Crash and Abby are excited that there grandpa, Scooter,  was coming to there house to live because he's old. They could put him in a retirement home but they decided to take care of him instead. You can tell that Crash and Abby love there grandpa because of the stories he tells. There was this one story that talks about the jungle on the "moonless night or in the back alleys of Hong Kong or in the salt swamp infested with sea crocs." Like I said the Author uses good describing words like Andrew Clements Things Not Seen.

 Right now Crash is playing football and his grandpa is watching him. He scored 3 touchdowns so far. When Crash scores a touchdown Crash's "Friend" Penn knows he did because he's on the cheer leading team and Crash would say "Take that". Now since Mike and Crash started to bully Penn everybody else is starting to do it that could be a suspension notice if everybody keeps doing this. Maybe later on in the book Crash will stick up for Penn his first friend. crash might find a date for the school dance tonight. We will read more and find out what would happen next in the book Crash.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New kind of library

Dear readers, 

I have just finished The Article Libraries go from the printed page to the digital screen  And I have three main ideas. Here they are.
Libraries Are Changing “You may not know it, but libraries have become community tech centers” it says in the text. I think it would be much more fun to go to libraries, because instead of reading the old fashioned way you can read on technology. Some people like reading on paper, but I love reading on technology systems.
Offering technology to jobless people
“Libraries began offering a lot more technology after many people lost their jobs in 2008. Job seekers 
needed to learn computer skills. They also needed help looking for jobs online.” As it says in the text. I think that would be helpful for the people who aren't that smart. It can also help them find a job so that they can get back on their feet. I wonder if libraries will help them with money or food?

Using the Library Without Leaving The House“Most librarians are happy to help. But they can't always solve the problem. If your iPad won’t turn on because you dropped it in the bathtub, they will likely send you elsewhere.This means that people may not visit their library as much. They may never actually see the librarian they "chat" with. People can download e-books without going to the library.” as it says in the text. I think that would be a cool Idea because it would be like using a Skype for kids. I think it would help kids with their homework to.
I have just gave you my thinking about this awesome article. I hope our library changes!!! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The dark

The book The Dark gives you a lesson of how you shouldn't be afraid of the dark and how dark is every where. And how you shouldn't be afraid of anyone or anything .I would recommend this book to whoever is afraid of the dark and who is afraid of anything.

The Third Wheel

In the book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid I like how in the beginning how Greg describes the way it felt to be in his mom is stomach. And he described what his parents did when he was in his mom is stomach. Greg's mom had a baby music box. The baby music box comes with a mic and earphones so the baby can hear what they are saying if they have the mic. When Greg's mom would kiss his dad he Greg can hear it because they were so close when they did it.
Later on in the book There was thing called candy grams and a candy gram is where you write a girl or a boys name you want to go to the with. Then you put the heart paper in a basket and if you guys have the same name then you will go to the dance with each other. Any way, so  Greg is trying to go to the dance with a girl, but either every girl already has a date or they just said no.

Close to the end of the book Greg found a date, but her boyfriend said he couldn't go. So then he thought that his girlfriend didn't go so he went and he cheated on her. Turns out she went with Greg. I can't remember the girls name because I don't have the book with me this moment. For more laughter read the Diary of a wimpy kid books